Hello Virtus

Hello Virtus,

My name is Leo, a second-year student at Western University, Canada. Two years ago, I was in Beijing, proudly being part of the Virtus House. Last year, I was the Student Intern for Virtus in Shanghai. This year, I’m sorry I didn’t make it.

But I believe the TAs must be so amazing that they can take my job. Anyways, I still love Virtus and I have faith in the TA whoever is reading this letter, knows how to read this part:

“In the name of HSYLC, I promise you all will love Virtus as much as Leo does.”

You hear that? Your TA just made the promise and if they cannot make it, report them to me. Here is my WeChat scan code.

Please add this pathetic old friend to your group chat, cuz all he wants to see is your group picture taken on the last day of HSYLC, with your big grins XD.

Don’t be sad, I will be back sometime. When? I don’t know, just waiting for an amazing kid to grow up and be my TA partner for Virtus someday.

Enjoy your time at HSYLC, cuz you will miss it for good.

Take care,

Leo Virtus