List all of the strengths of the study

-Highly valid in that the study used several different methods of data collection (like the Feelings Thermometer being used throughout the study).

-The researchers used standardized measures.

-good ethics

Give two weakness of the study.

-cannot generalize due to the specific phobia

-self report method is bias

-clinical case study so researcher bias is increased


-The child was treated with an exposure-based treatment that tackled cognitions and behaviour.

-The treatment was based on the mother providing positive reinforcement if the boy successfully completed a gradual exposure to buttons.

- The sessions lasted about 30 minutes with the boy alone and 20 minutes with the boy and his mother. He was to have four sessions of behavioural exposure to the buttons using this hierarchy.


-By session 4, the boy the boy had completed all in vivo exposure tasks. Although he could handle more and more buttons, his distress increased dramatically.

-He was followed up 6 months and 12 months after treatment and at both times he did not meet the DSM-IV criteria for a specific phobia.


-Disgust plays a key role in the development and maintenance of a phobia.

-Imagery exposure can reduce the distress associated specific phobias for the long-term.