To investigate hoe obedient individuals would be to orders received from a person in authority.

To see how large an electric shock participants would give to a helpless man when ordered to.


“Investigate the effect of punishment on learning” were told to participants.

Participants thought the role of “student” and “teacher” were randomly selected.

Teacher read a question with 4 possible answer. (Memory test)

Student choose the answer, correct:safe wrong:shock. (15V stronger each time)

Authority figure (white lab coat) is in the room pressuring participants to continue


The average voltage given by participants was 368 volts.

Shocks of 450 volts were given by 65 percent of participants. Remember Ruth at psychology students had estimated that only 0-3 percent of participants would do this.

Average rating of how painful the shocks were was 13.42 out of a maximum of 14.


People are obedient than students suggested and estimated.

Receiving and obeying destructive orders is highly stressful.

Result suggest situational hypothesis rather than the disposition also hypothesis.