Mr. Biography

Look it’s time to sleep but I’m thinking of you

I doubt how can I fall in but I’m quite overwhelmed

So this song is my thoughts about you


It was a typical boring evening

Me alone in the canteen with chips and fish

Bell rang when you walked in

Came closer, head down into the room

Fluffy blond hair, worn-out jeans

nod your head like a clever little kid

Innocent smile bloomed in your red Oxford hoodie

My heart was warning (Seriously)

I knew we should have some story

Even Only known by me

Met again in the Karaoke night

They played the top 40 and kinda roaring

I fed up with it

move around on the dance floor

didn’t realize our story have started

Sunk in the classical romance

you were next to me

Quietly laughing

pure blue eyes sparkling

I held my breathe and backed off

Ran out with friends and heart beating

Your friend talked about you to me

Nice guy, kindest with a bit shyness

Love tigers, lions, animals and English tea

So I call you MR.biography

My uncharted territory

Hope one day you could be with me

Maybe in my craziest dreams (who knows)

Last memory in my last day

Didn’t dare to reach you,

How coward could I be

My friend helped me out

Asked you to take a selfie

You said “ I see” ( what about me)

Dazzled by the gleaming aquamarine

Same as the first day pure and shiny

You and me in the snap laughing

Might be the closest we ever can be

How Can I miss it My Mr biography

My Uncharted territory

So can I miss it Mr biography

Who can tell me how it ought to be

2019/08/24 01:24